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Economic Development

Economic Development
SCR Mining and Tunnelling
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SCR Mining and Tunnelling is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019.

In celebrating the success of SCR Mining and Tunnelling, and this year’s Community Builders Award winner in the Economic Development category, one has to applaud the motivation, integrity and leadership of Richard and Claude Seguin. They learned about hard work, the value of a dollar and team effort as children growing up on a farm in Verner.

In the early 1980s, the brothers started gaining their mining experience working for different mining contractors. They worked in such places as Elliot Lake, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, and the Hemlo Gold camp where they were involved in the process of starting a new mine from the beginning to full production. They were involved with all surface construction, shaft sinking, lateral development and witnessed the very first brick of gold being poured in the Hemlo Gold camp.

After the Hemlo Gold camp, the brothers parted. For the next few years, Richard worked for McIssacc Mining and Tunnelling in a supervisory role, specializing in all aspects of shaft sinking and hoist installations.

Claude joined one of the largest service and engineering firms and worked on projects involving engineering and feasibility studies in sectors such as mining, forestry, pulp and paper, power generation and utility, including a feasibility study on one of the largest hydro power plants in Africa on the Congo River.

In 1994, the brothers joined forces again to start a mining contracting company.

“We started with nothing in 1994.” says Claude, sitting in the large board room of the company’s head office in Val Caron.

With little money but a wealth of experience and knowledge about the mining industry, the brothers started their first project for Vale (formerly Inco) at Coleman Mine and worked out of their home offices.

The Seguin brothers built a company that has the experience, workforce and equipment to undertake any type and any size of mine development plan. They are proud of their reputation for honesty, loyalty and hard work.

Services include mechanized and conventional lateral development, raise development, shaft sinking, contract mining, surface and underground construction, electrical installations and mechanical installations.

In addition, SCR provides skilled personnel. This includes supervisors and managers, and a pool of tradespeople: mechanics, certified welders and underground construction miners.

SCR has worked for clients across Canada and the United States, including Vale, Glencore, Rubicon Minerals, Lac Des Iles, New Gold, Tahoe, and Stillwater. The bulk of their work has historically been executed in the Sudbury Basin.

Claude and Richard Seguin have weathered the ups and downs of the mining industry. In particular, the last two and half years have been challenging.

“It has been slower for a longer period of time. But we think we are on the upside now,” Claude says.

Proudly, he adds, “In tough times, we maintain our workforce and the quality of the work…When times are tough, we regroup and restructure and reorganize ourselves. We are doing more business development to promote our services.”

“We do not necessarily want to be the biggest but we want to keep creating jobs, maintain customer satisfaction and be the preferred contractor.”

Historically, SCR has employed up to 350 employees with the infrastructure in place to employ over 500 employees. Many employees have 10 years or more with the company.

“We treat everyone the same, we work as a team,” says Claude.

SCR received a Workplace Excellence Award in 2017 from Workplace Safety North.

The Seguins have created a model company that sets an example for other Indigenous entrepreneurs.

“We support Aboriginal participation and employment,” says Richard.

“(And) we are proud of the people who have worked for us over the years. Many moved on to successful positions with different mine operators.”

SCR was recently honoured with a Stellar Award from Workforce Planning for Sudbury and Manitoulin for its efforts working and training students on internships. Many of these young people find employment with the company.

The brothers are bullish about Greater Sudbury.

“The real value (of this area) is not necessarily what is underground, it is the people and their (mining) expertise,” says Claude.

“People should be proud of Sudbury.”