Community Builders Awards


Nomination Process

Nominations are judged by an independent panel of judges, collectively representing expertise in all award categories. The judges’ decisions are final. Winners will be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to the awards gala. A video will be produced showcasing each winner and will be aired at the gala as well as on regional television. A souvenir magazine will also be produced and distributed at the end of the awards gala.

All nomination packages remain property of the Community Builders Awards of Excellence program.

Nominations can be updated and re-submitted the following year.

Nominations must include the following to qualify:

  • Completed nomination form
  • 300 – 500 word summary of the nominee’s achievements in the category. This should highlight specific initiatives that support the nominee’s impact on the Greater Sudbury community.
  • Answers to the following questions, separate from the summary:
    1. How is this nominee a community builder?
    2. What qualities does the nominee possess that makes them worthy of being recognized by future generations for their contributions?
  • Detail any awards, honors or other special recognition given to the nominee.
  • Collect a minimum of two letters (maximum of 10 letters) of support. These letters can come from colleagues, clients, political officials and so on. The nominator is not permitted to provide a letter of support.