Community Builders Awards


President’s Message

We all can feel proud tonight

Michael Atkins
Michael Atkins
Northern Life

This is the 14th time we have had the opportunity to celebrate the best among us; the citizens who inspire us daily with their passion and generosity for the people around them.

A community culture is built brick by brick. It is the sum total of what we do and how we do it each and every day.

Sudbury’s soul has been carved out of struggle. Struggle for justice, economic advantage, health care, respect, and to remain competitive in a global resource market. This battle has been largely won. It’s impossible not to see the revolution that has taken place in Sudbury over the last two generations. It’s remarkable.

The result of these battles for the hearts and minds of a community are people and institutions of integrity and creativity.

We have transformed from hard rock miners to global traders in the intellectual capital of mining services and products. We are a worldwide trading city-state with the sentiments and joviality of a small town.

Tonight’s celebration is probably more important than any other in our history. The change agent is not who we are but what is going on around us.

Technology brings us together but throws us asunder. If we’re not careful, we might find ourselves knowing more about the president of the United States than the winners of our community awards. This integration of media and technology can eat away at the sinew of community strength.

The Community Builders Awards is meant to be the antidote to those things that pull us apart. It’s where we come to visit with and celebrate people we respect and appreciate.

We celebrate our heroes in the categories of Arts, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health Care, Sports & Recreation, Young Leader, Hall of Fame, and Legacy, people we cannot forget. I guarantee you will leave tonight with positive feelings about where you live and who you know, and it will give you some time off from tweets and likes.

Thank you to the fabulous team who put this event together year after year. And most importantly, thank you for supporting us in this endeavour for so many years.