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Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation
Barry McCrory
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Barry McCrory is a second generation Community Builder. His father, Gerry, won the award in the Sports and Recreation category in 2008.

Like his late father, McCrory is “Mr. Hockey” in Sudbury. McCrory has coached and mentored young hockey players for more than 30 years and is actively involved with minor hockey.

When it comes to the minor hockey scene, there is very little that Barry McCrory has not done, says sports writer Randy Pascal. His involvement, “has quite literally touched hundreds, if not thousands of young hockey players.”

As an instructor with the McCrory Hockey School, he has worked with players as young as three or four and ignited their passion for the game. The school was started by Gerry 45 years ago.

“My dad handed the school over to me, and I would like to hand it over to my children,” he says.

McCrory is the current president of the Sudbury Minor Hockey Association (SMHA) board of directors, and has been a director since 2001.

He was general manager of the Northern Junior Wolves from 2004 to 2007, and is a commissioner with the Northern Ontario AAA Hockey League.

For the past decade, McCrory has cochaired the Big Nickel AAA Hockey Tournament, the biggest AAA tournament in Northern Ontario. This November the tournament will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The tournament has attracted as many as 76 teams in minor and major peewee, bantam and midget divisions.

Over the years, the tournament has made and continues to make financial contributions to community charities and organizations.

Bruce Killah, co-chair of the Big Nickel AAA Major Hockey Tournament, says in his letter to the CBA judges, “We strive to make Sudbury the AAA Capital of the north.”

In 2018, McCrory was co-chair of the national Telus Cup Major Midget AAA championships.

“The experience was phenomenal. Teams from all over Canada came in. The tournament made $85,000 for the Sudbury Minor Hockey legacy fund. Money will be used to help the grassroots program for first-time hockey players and scholarships,” he says.

One of McCrory’s former players, Alex Vendette, says, “Barry’s commitment and enthusiasm is unmatched and he taught me to always strive to be my best. He always prided himself on not just developing hockey players. But developing quality people as well.”

“Barry helps players believe in their potential,” says Tammy Simpson, SMHA executive director. “He builds their confidence and supports them through the adversity they’re going to face during their development as young players…The skills his players learn from him on the ice are the same skills that help them become great citizens.”

McCrory has worked in sales for CocaCola Bottling Ltd. for 39 years. He is married with two children, Morgan and Colin, and one grandson, Noah.

He credits his understanding wife, Linda, for allowing him the time to pursue his passion for hockey, working with young players and giving back to the community.

“I have been married for 33 years and she understands what it takes to get things done in the community.

“I think it is always good to give back…I do not do for recognition (but) because it is good for the community.”