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Community Builders Awards: Tony Porco fosters economic development in the Sault

Winner of this year’s Economic Development category Tony Porco has contributed significantly to business, tourism community

Entrepreneur Tony Porco launched Superior Industrial Services (the SIS Group) in 1992 and hasn’t stopped developing since. 

He has significantly grown his business portfolio to include The Machine Shop, which is home to an event hall, gelato shop, a restaurant and two bars. 

His newest development, the Canal District, includes the new train station for the Algoma Central Railroad’s Agawa Canyon Tour Train, a brewery, a restaurant and a gift shop. There is also a new outdoor rink on-site. 

In addition to bringing new business to the Sault and building important tourism infrastructure with local historical roots, Tony’s group of companies employ well over 300 people in our community, in jobs ranging from manufacturing to serving.

Tony’s facilities and attractions in the Canadal District act as a gathering place for Saultites and play a key role in attracting visitors to our community. 

Tony’s contributions to our community will have long-term, positive impacts on economic growth and tourism in the Sault.

The Economic Development Award is presented to an individual who has had an important impact on the economic well-being of our community.

Congratulations, Tony!

This award is proudly sponsored by LBMX.